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Littleover Lane Allotments

For plot letting enquiries: Email:
For general enquiries: Email:
The Secretary: Littleover Lane Allotments Association, 19 Littleover Lane, Derby DE23 6JF
Letters can also be hand-posted in the letterbox on the main entrance gates, Littleover Lane.

Littleover Lane Allotments Association in Derby covers 11.8 acres and currently has 172 allotment plots.

The soil on site is generally heavy clay, so can be challenging to work, but is very fertile and supports a huge range of produce.

We have a well-established, secure and family friendly site with great facilities and there are a range of other benefits for members.

All kinds of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and bushes can be found growing on the allotments. Some plot holders specialise in growing rare heritage varieties, and we have others that have vineyards, grow exhibition quality dahlias and even cacti!

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