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Welcome to Littleover Lane Allotments

Littleover Lane Allotments Association in Derby covers 11.8 acres and currently has 172 allotment plots. The soil on site is generally heavy clay, so can be challenging to work, but is very fertile and supports a huge range of produce.

We have a well-established, secure and family friendly site with great facilities and there are a range of other benefits for members.

All kinds of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and bushes can be found growing on the allotments. Some plot holders specialise in growing rare heritage varieties, and we have others that have vineyards, grow exhibition quality dahlias and even cacti!





From time to time we are open to the public for plant sales and general open days. At such times we encourage you to come and have a look around our wonderful site and to have a chat with many of our members who are usually only too happy to stop and chat. You never know, you might want to put your name down for a plot yourself!

Keep a look out for our future events. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Details of forthcoming events are posted on Facebook.


Ownership & Management

The site is owned by the LLAA and is therefore a private (not council run) site. Plot holders are members and tenants of the association, paying an annual rent for their plots. The LLAA is registered with the Financial Services Authority as a non-profit organisation, and is also a member of the National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardeners.

The LLAA is self-governing and relies on its members to elect the Committee. The AGM is usually held in late November/early December, and all members are encouraged to attend. Committee members also meet monthly to discuss any LLAA business.



This is a view of Littleover Lane around 1928, courtesy of Picture the Past:

The First World War drive for domestic food production prompted renewed interest in allotments, and by the end of the war there were up to 1.5 million sites across the UK. In 1920 a group of like-minded Derby householders purchased 12 acres of land near their homes.

They formed the Littleover Lane Allotments Association Limited (LLAA) in order to protect the land from development. The site was divided into 170 plots, and local residents were invited to become members of the association.New members were required to purchase shares at the rate of 21 shares per standard plot, each share costing 10 shillings - 50 pence in today's money but a considerable investment in 1920.

This 1914 Ordnance Survey map shows the area of land prior to purchase by the LLAA, with the cemetery, near by Borough Council allotment sites and Normanton Park already laid out:

The original deeds and other documents relating to the formation of the Association are available to view at Derby Local Studies and Family History Library

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